Our Story

Ivy Lau and Mark Ivey “launched” Ivy’s Garden in 2012 with the intent of bringing healthy, delicious gluten free dishes to the public. Believing strongly that everyone deserves good, healthy food, they were shocked a few years ago to find a shortage of tasty gluten free dishes- and no gluten free Chinese food.


They’ve worked hard to fill the void by bringing natural, delicious GF Asian dishes. It’s the real thing, not just American versions of Chinese food (Ivy’s roots and knowledge go back to her Hong Kong upbringing). The result is food that’s as tasty as any non-GF dish in the market. Now everyone has a seat at the table. Enjoy!


Five Things You Should Know about Ivy  (“Chinese Supermom”):
1.   She grew up in Hong Kong and loves good food
2.   She believes freshly cooked dinners every night forms the core of a strong family
3.   She raised 2 successful kids by believing “You are what you eat”
4.   She ran a successful graphic/web design agency in Silicon Valley for 18 years
5.   She discovered she could not eat gluten about seven years ago


Five Things You Should Know about Mark
1.    He started out as a Texas journalist and wrote for BusinessWeek magazine
2.    He served as a high-tech national media spokesman (Intel’s first “human brand.”)
3.    He loves real Asian food (since Ivy introduced him to it ten years ago)
4.    He’s cut back his gluten intake by 70 percent and feels healthier
5.    He’s married to Ivy Lau, and both get kidded about the name (Ivy Ivey?)

Fresh, gluten free Asian Delicious