Ivy’s Garden- Today, Safeway and the SF Bay Area; Tomorrow, the… (stay tuned)!

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Ivy’s Garden- Today, Safeway and the SF Bay Area; Tomorrow, the… (stay tuned)!

Wow. We’re now in Safeway stores in the SF Bay area, finally. First sighting was a week ago in a San Jose store. There they were, right above eye level, in the freezer sections, all three Ivy’s Garden products: sweet and sour chicken; lemon chicken; and chicken nuggets. Yep, that’s us I calmly told my husband. But inside I was bubbling with excitement. I was totally thrilled.

Now we’ll be rolling into 82 stores in the Bay area, and if all goes well, we’ll soon be in dozens of other non-Safeway stores. The tide is rolling.

We can thank many of our friends and early supporters, and a little luck. Many of these are  people we’ve known for years, all of whom had enjoyed and now swore by Ivy’s cooking. We also knew people who were gluten free were almost desperate for good Asian food.

That was verified as we began demonstrating our dishes at regional food shows. People didn’t just like the food, they LOVED it. “I haven’t had Chinese food like this since I was diagnosed; I can’t tell you how glad I am to taste this again,” said one middle aged mother. Others thanked us on behalf of their kids. “It’s been so hard with my 7 year old son not being able to eat food like this,” said another mother. “Wow, just wow.”  (more product reviews and food show video testimonials)

This really kept us going.  Later we assembled the rest of our team and began reaching out to dozens of stores, starting on the West Coast. Almost every store we talked to put in orders. The more we talked to people-store owners, purchasers, parents, other consumers- the more we realized this was going to happen.

Yet in truth, our journey has just begun, and we have a long way to go. Please support us- buy the product, give us feedback, talk to the store managers if they’re not carrying us- they’ll listen. Send positive energy – every bit helps. We do appreciate your help.See you at Safeway!

Store List - http://www.ivysgardenfood.com/stores-or-online/

Gluten free sweet and sour chicken

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