Is Rice Gluten Free? (and Five other Rice Tips for Gluten Free Living)

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Is Rice Gluten Free? (and Five other Rice Tips for Gluten Free Living)

Five Tips About Rice for Gluten Free Diet

I constantly get the question: Is Rice Gluten Free? (the answer is yes)

It happened again when I visited a friend’s for dinner last weekend. They were prepared to serve a gluten-free meal- it was in the invite-so I was excited. They had a wonderful salad with dressing, they made from scratch. Then they served salmon, lentils (delicious) and some steamed vegetable. It was about that time they told me they had planned to make rice, but they weren’t sure it was gluten-free.

Another example came over lunch with a friend recently. She said,  “I know brown rice is gluten-free, but not sure about white rice.”

Yes, generally speaking, almost all rice is gluten free.

Here’s 5 things you should know about rice

1.  Japanese sushi.  Most sushi is gluten-free, but be aware that sushi has vinegar and sugar in the rice. If you go to a Japanese restaurant and have sushi, ask what type of vinegar that they use to mix with rice; if they use a grain-based vinegar then the sushi is not gluten-free. Tip: always bring your little pack of gluten-free soy sauce with you. I was surprised the last few times that I requested gluten-free soy sauce in Japanese restaurants and they did have it. Amazing. (but it doesn’t take much to surprise me)

2.  Glutinous rice.  Glutinous rice-also called sticky rice-has no gluten in them. This is a famous Chinese dish made with dry shrimp, dried mushroom, pork and sausage. Usually served on Chinese New Year or use it for Thanksgiving stuffing; and you can find them as dim sum too.

3.  Wild rice. Wild rice is getting very popular, but if you have wild rice in the restaurant, you’d better ask first.  Many chefs like to add other grains, like barley, or use a broth that contains gluten to create the dish.  Forget a gluten free dining experience with those ingredients.

4.  Arsenic in your rice. According to Consumer Report, white basmati rice, sushi rice and long grain rice from California, India or Pakistan has only 1.3 to 1.6 ppb arsenic per serving (1/4 cup uncooked), well under the safe limit. In general, rice from Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas contains higher levels of arsenic.  However, note that you can reduce the arsenic content significantly by rinsing the rice before cooking and boiling it in a high water-to-rice ratio. Read full report: 2014 Consumer Reports Analysis of Arsenic in Rice.

5.  Rice Krispies are not GF, unless they are labeled gluten-free. Rice krispies can be contaminated during the manufacturing process. If they don’t label the box as gluten-free, avoid them. I do.

Hope this is helpful. What’s your favorite tip about rice (or other side dishes)?

Reference: recently posted on our Bay Area Celiac Yahoo Group:


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