7 Things Only Gluten Free People Deal With

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7 Things Only Gluten Free People Deal With

Gluten free people may look, talk and act the same as their “normal” friends. But they ARE different. You are different. Here’s how…

If you’re gluten free…

1. You have to stay away from many of the favorite foods Americans crave, starting with bread. Pizza, sorry. Pasta, nope.

2. You have to watch EVERYTHING you eat.  Gluten can be found in all kinds of foods beyond the usual suspects. Take fast foods- Hot dogs, French fries, chips and even jelly beans- all can have gluten. So can ice cream (watch those cookie chunks). Then there’s condiments, oils, salad dressing and spices, even soy sauce. The list goes on and on. Be sure to read every food label-you’ll eventually become an expert!

3. You have to be careful with brews. Most wine is ok, but beer is off limits. Beer is usually made from malted barley or malted wheat, both with ingredients containing gluten (some beers have more gluten than others).

The good news is with these foods is there are often alternatives. There are several gluten free beers on the market. For soy sauce, for example, we use Tamari-style soy sauce, Kikkoman Gluten-Free Soy Sauce or raw Coconut Aminos.

4. You don’t trust restaurants and other food establishments. You know many of them are clueless about best practices when it comes to cooking/serving gluten free food; you know that cross contamination is a real danger (tip: call ahead and get information, talk to the manager. And ask a lot of questions when you order. Be informed, be assertive).

5. You have to ask awkward questions when friends invite you to a dinner party.  Yes, your friends mean well, but do they know what they’re doing? Be careful. Even the best friend may not realize that what they claim is “gluten free” isn’t. Again, you could be dealing with cross contamination-for instance, bread crumbs that cause gluten contamination. For example, are they using separate preparation areas, along with utensils and dishes, to prepare the Gluten-free food? For big parties or get togethers, I will often bring my own bread or dessert instead of depending on others to make the gluten-free food for me. That way I know it’s safe.

6. You have to be really careful about what you put on your skin.  Turns out many cosmetics and lotions contain gluten. Some people are believed to have topical reactions to these products, which at the least can exacerbate celiac disease. If you suspect you’re gluten sensitive at all, avoid these skin products anything that might be ingested (yes, lipstick can have gluten ingredients). Seek out “clean,” organic cosmetics.

7. You constantly have to deal-tactfully-with stupid questions and assertions, often by well meaning friends. Example: “Can’t you just have a little bit of pizza? I can’t see how just a little bit of gluten can hurt..” I typically use an analogy they can understand-comparing being glutened to getting some kind of food poisoning. I will get very sick. They get that one. Other tips here: How to Avoid Being “Glutened”: 7 Tips From the Experts

Bonus: #8 You know how much better you feel when you don’t eat gluten.



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